Routing through a router-modem

  • I'm using pfSense-2.0-RELEASE-nanobsd_vga on a CF module on an ASUS P4B with a single NIC and 4 Intel Dual NICs.

    I have a number of router-modems. I have set up the modem to login for me and stay connected. When I connect a PC to it, it works fine. When I hook up pfSense to it, if I don't create a route of any kind, the gateway page tells me it's offline. When I do create a route to it ( or it doesn't work.

    How do I get this to work?

    I'm getting very frustrated with this.

  • Router-modem means dsl modems?

    If so, they are configured to bridge or to route?

  • DSL modems. They are all TP-Link TD-8840T router-modems.

    Options applicable are:
    ISP: Dynamic IP/Static IP/PPPoE*/Bridge

    PPPoE Options are as follows:
    Get IP Address: Static/Dynamic*
    NAT: Enable*/Disbale
    Bridge Interface: Activated*/Deactivated
    Default Route: Yes*/No

    While I have the modems set to Get a Dynamic IP address, they always get the same one since they have static IP addresses assigned to their logins. This way, I can set the gateway to ping their login IP address to make sure the link is still up. If I set the modem to use static IP addresses, then the ping works even when the link is down.

    I have found the Bridge interface setting has only one effect. When I use a PC connected to the modem, it can use ordinary DHCP/NAT to pass through the modem, or it can use PPPoE to pass through the modem. When I have this disabled, the PPPoE pass through is blocked.

    Disabling NAT breaks my ability to use a PC on the modem in DHCP mode.

    I have not played with the Default Route setting.

    Also, when I use the diagnostics to Ping through OPT5, it works. If WAN goes down (because I force it), and I try to ping this address from my PC, it doesn't work. So traffic isn't passing through, even though I ran the multi-WAN wizard.

    Should the network in Routes be My thought is it should be but that option isn't available.

  • To prevent routing problems, set wan modem in bridge mode and other 07modems in router mode with 07 different networks.

  • That's been the case from the beginning.

    WAN0_MODEM2 (WAN) =, Pure Bridge mode
    WAN1_MODEM3 (OPT1) =, Router mode with PPPoE.
    WAN2_MODEM4 (OPT2) =, Router mode with PPPoE.
    WAN3_MODEM5 (OPT3) =, Router mode with PPPoE.
    WAN4_MODEM6 (OPT4) =, Router mode with PPPoE.
    WAN5_MODEM7 (OPT5) =, Router mode with PPPoE.
    WAN6_MODEM8 (OPT6) =, Router mode with PPPoE.
    WAN7_MODEM9 (OPT7) =, Router mode with PPPoE.

  • Right now, I only have WAN0_MODEM2 (WAN) and WAN5_MODEM7 (OPT5) enabled while I test and debug the set-up. But I need all 6 WANs going, and then eventually add the last 2 OPTs as additional WANs.

  • I've tried setting WAN5_MODEM7 to a static IP address,, it's gateway from "dynamic" to Now, I can pass through the modem to which is the modem's WAN address.

    In "System: Static Routes", I have a route to However, I still cannot reach through to (Google) or (OpenDNS). The first, I get "Request timed out" and the second I get "Reply from Destination host unreachable". When I use Diagnostics: Ping through WAN5_MODEM7, it comes back 0.0% packet loss for both IP addresses. Therefore, the pfSense box can still reach through the modem, but I still can't quite reach through the pfSense box.

    What's my next step?

  • If I set WAN5_MODEM7 (OPT5) as the default gateway, and disable WAN0_MODEM2 (WAN), then everything works just fine.

    So I think we're making progress, but we're not there yet.

  • System->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Load Balancing->Allow default gateway switching

    Yes! It works!

  • I'm now running very nicely on 6 ADSL modems.

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