LAN DHCP do not refresh

  • When I update my config file dynamically by replacing it. Then calling reload_all() function, the DHCP is all lost in my LAN. I am forced to reboot my device (I'm using embedded PFSENSE)….. I saw a long chain in DHCP lost in WAN.... is there any patch available ? I have done extensive customization on my box.... I cannot afford to replace the base image.....

    Sullrich.... any help ? DHCP is not refreshing and the nodes are not getting the IP assigned again.....

  • You should not be calling reload_all().  It is currently broken.

  • That's the reason why we force a reboot on restoring a config btw  ;)

  • Should I force reboot always, when I change the config file ?….. is there no other way out ? :(

  • We chache the config.xml to speed up filter reloads and other things. Only editing/replacing the file will not help. Your edits might even get lost on reboot due to that. You should only use the webgui restore config. for config.xml changes which will force a reboot.

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