Pfense 1.2.3 as Load Balancer and Pfsense 2.0 as cache server

  • Hello everyone,

    Is there a conflict if i will setup a pfsense 1.2.3 snapshot on a box containing load balancer only and another box for pfsense 2.0 RC3 for the caching server and url filtering? can someone enlighten me? well when i use bot boxes with pfsense 1.2.3 snapshot it perfectly works fine, I tried the new setup which i asked earlier and have no luck getting it work. Thanks everyone

  • Hi,

    there shouldn't be a problem but why do you want to use an old version 1.2.3 and a RC version ? 2.0 final is out.

    What do you mean with load balancer?
    Do you mean Multi-WAN/Failover for outbound connections or du you mean LoadBalancing for incomming connections (LoadBalancing an webserver on you LAN) ?

    I am using Multi-WAN with pfsense 2.0 and it is working really good. So you should use pfsense 2.0 for this, too.

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