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  • Hello,

    PFsense 2.0 on Alix 2D3 hardware.

    I have 3 WANs, and I need to create a WAN group to be used for load balancing and failover. The 2 WANs are fast, the one is slower.

    If I create a gateway group and set tier 5 to the fast WANs and tier 1 in the slower, I should have (round robined) 10 connections with the fast and 1 with the slower, right?

    Do I have to create failover groups? If one WAN fails isn't automatically excluded from the group?

    Is it included again when is up?

    Do I have to set the WAN group as gateway somewhere?

    Best regards and thank you very much


  • You are wrong!

    Set all three WANs to the same Tier - Tier 1. This means that there is round robin between all three WANs. If one or two WANs are down then it automatically failover to the third WAN. If only one WAN is down then there is round robin between the two WANs.
    GW in a Group with the SAME Tier will du LoadBalancing and Failover.
    Different Tiers mean, that only if all GWs of Tier1 are down there is a failover to the next Tier level.

    To change the weight between the WANs you have to go to your Gateways (not GW Groups) and then select there the weight.

    For example if you have:

    WAN1 = 20MBit/s
    WAN2 = 10Mbit/s
    WAN3 = 5Mbit/s

    than you should use:
    WAN1 = weight 4
    WAN2 = weight 2
    WAN3 = weight 1

    Hope this will help you.

  • Thank you very much!

    I will try and post again.

    Best regards


  • Yes, please post back if it works, fails or if you have further questions :-)

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