No PPTP or SSH after changing WAN interfaces

  • Hi all,

    today I changed my Dual WAN Setup. The old setup was WAN1: PPPOE WAN2:Static. My new setup should be WAN1: Static WAN2: PPPOE.
    So I relocated the physical lines of the ethernet ports and changed the config for WAN1 to static. I deleted the routing groups for Dual WAN.
    The state is now that my static WAN1 is up and seems to work ok from inside.
    Now my Problem: From outside I can´t connect to via PPTP or SSH. But I can´t connect. Also SSH doesn´t work from outside. The corresponding firewall rule is the same as before changing my setup. (I didn´t touch it.)
    Is it possible that pfsense doesn´t see my WAN1 as the WAN1 so that the firewall route doesn´t match and PPTP doesn´t listen? As far as I know, PPTP is only listening on WAN1.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

  • In some cases, after swaping interfaces config, you may need a reboot.

    Check first if rules in wan are not assigned to old wan ips.

  • I did some reboots. Switched off and on PPTP.
    In the rules I don´t use IP´s, such the interface….

  • YIPPI!
    After setting up WAN2 and another reboot, WAN1 works as it should!

    So this topic can be closed!

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