Multi Wan with 2 PPPoE sessions in VirtualBox

  • Hello everyone,

    As I recently was put on a 50/6 Mbit sync profile by my ISP, I started looking into multiple PPPoE sessions to get to that speed. My current PPPoE session speed is 30/4.5 Mbit .
    So I downloaded the VmWare appliance that's available on the pfsense site and upgraded it to the latest version. My router is provided by my ISP and it has certain functionalities.
    One of the advantages is that I can enable it as LAN Bridge and my PPPoE connections directly. That's how I set it up in pfsense.

    UPDATE: my upload seems to be load balanced, as I can upload at 6Mbps - overhead. Is there something on the firewall side I should be focusing on?

    em0: VirtualBox host-only ethernet
    em1: NIC1
    em2: NIC2

    My router has 2 ethernet ports for LAN Bridge so 2 different computers can make separate PPPoE sessions. So I connected my 2 NICs to both those ports.

    This is what my interfaces now look like. As you can see, WAN and WAN2 are on different Gateways.

    My problem is this: when I let my router make the connection my line profile is 30/4.5 Mbit and when I make a direct PPPoE connection with WAN and WAN2 the combined speed is 20 Mbit. So what's the problem here, why can't I at least match my normal speed?

    Usenet speed:

    Download Manager over HTTP:

  • If your ISP has you on a 50/6 profile then why would you need multiple PPPoE sessions to achieve that? Are you able to confirm that your modem is sync'ed at that speed?

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