NET6501 as VPN router

  • I am considering using a Soekris Net6501 1Ghz with 1 gigabyte of RAM as an IPSEC router connecting two sites. The remote site is connected to the Internet on a 1.5 Mbps T-1 and the main site is 10Mbps OPTEMAN with a high-end PFSense box. I plan to use a mSATA adapter to host the PFSense installation and config. Does anyone have experience with this board and config? Would the Atom CPU provide enough horsepower for the IPSEC encryption or should I consider adding the Soekris VPN adapter? I'm curious as to others experience with performance and compatibility using this setup.


  • The 6501 is more-than-capable of handling 10Mbit/s of IPSec.

    Also, since it only has Mini-PCIe slots, you couldn't use the Soekris accelerator even if you wanted to.

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