Mobile IPSec died after upgrade

  • I have read a number of posts that may pertain to this, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem and has found a resolution? On 1.2.3 I had simple IPSec clients with PSK using Shrew and they worked flawlessly. I upgraded one of my production (but not crucial) devices to 2.0 and IPSec flopped. The tunnel will connect, however I cannot pass traffic to the LAN. I messed around with multiple configs and still could not get the traffic to pass to the LAN at all. The logs told me nothing that is decipherable to me. It just seemed strange that they would completely tank after the update. I went through the configs, and even completely rebuilt the tunnels and users.
    I have gone back to 1.2.3- however I have 60 plus sites I would like to update for numerous reasons (more graceful handling of multiwan for starters) but they all rely on IPSec mobile clients.
    The static IPSec tunnels continued to work fine though after the upgrade.

    Any thoughts or direction for me?

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    […] The logs told me nothing that is decipherable to me. […]

    …but that doesn't mean they don't have value to everyone else. Post the logs, and someone may be able to help.

    Also check the doc wiki for updated mobile ipsec on 2.0 info.

  • I will have to recreate everything to get a log dump. I guess what I mean when I said they do not contain anything decipherable to me is that through all my changes, I muddied the waters so much. I will post back when I have recreated the issue.

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