DNSmasq and other networks

  • Using Pfsense with wan interface only as local dns server. Wan is on subnet Some Ipad and Iphone came on the local network with a vpn connection. These devices are in network. Routing is working fine. DNS Request are well received on my Pfsense but no reply are send to devices on networks. For PCs on local network ( dns is working fine. I check this with fpackets capture.
    Is this a limitation from DNSMasq ? Does dnsmasq consider these requests not valid ?


  • Tanks for this link. I already read it when I try to setup an ipsec connection for Iphones/Ipads devices. Setting up vpn is not the problem and as suggested in the trouble shotting section :

    Supplying a local/public DNS server will work around that.

    That's what I'm trying to do but it don't works. Dns request recieved responses only if the requests come from a machine on the same network. Dnsmasq do not respond to request form an other network (routing is ok and it's also a private network).
    Thanks again.

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