Traffic Shapper per user with guaranteed bandwidth

  • Hi all.
    My goal is to create a limiter per user that acts as a guaranteed bandwidth and not as limiter.

    I have 1 WAN connection and 1 LAN. The users connect to LAN via a wireless router that acts only as a dhcp relay.

    For this problem i'm thinking on creating 4 limiters, and 2 queues. 2 limiters (in/out) with the guaranteed bandwidth and 2 more with the all connection. Create 2 queues, 1 with more priority them the other. Them associate 2 limiters with the guaranteed badwidth to the queue with more priority and limiters with the total connection to less priority.

    I haven't try this out yet, coz my work this week is being a little overwhelming.
    Is this scenario possible? or is there a better way to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Wireless domain doesn't fully give equal amount of bandwidth to users if they are stubbornly sending data, unless you have CTS/RTS in use

  • Ty for the response, it's a good point, altho there is no problem there because this is a residential line with no more then 15mb of internet and that is my goal, to guarantee equally internet bandwidth to all users, but allow always the use of full connection, for instance when some user lives, the others can use his part.

  • I would actually be interested insetting up something like this as well, but the scenario I have is with wired connections (1 WAN and 1 LAN as well).

    I just want to ensure that nobody "strangles" the connection for everybody (eg.: downloading torrents and eating up the connection for everybody), but I don't want to limit users when it is not necessary.

    The torrents were just an example, I want to ensure proper behavior with all types of traffic.

    Best regards!

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