Rate limit

  • I have a pfsense virtual fw running 1.2.3. The WAN interface is plugged into my office network. The LAN interface is plugged into lab network. The pfsense fw NATs the lab to the office network.

    I want to set the pfsense firewall to limit ANY traffic going through it. I do not care what the traffic is or where it is going. All I care is that the lab can not talk to the office (internet) faster than say 2 Mbps.

    Is there a way to limit ALL traffic on the interface?

  • On pfSense 2.0 that is quite easy. just create 1/2 limiter(s) and then apply it to the desire interface. On 1.2.3, i have no clue coz i started only on 2.0

  • I built a test FW on 2.0 and applied the limiters to the lan interface and speed tests are showing the limited traffic speeds. Pretty easy once you put the right things in the right places!

    Here is a good link talking about it

    Thanks for the pointer. Time to go update my FWs.

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