Fix: squidguard and hostnames

  • Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to pfsense, but I love it already!

    I was trying to restrict my users by hostname since we use DHCP quite a bit here.  Turns out it doesn't work out-of-the box with version 1.4_2 v.1.9

    I had to change the following:

    in /usr/local/pkg/

    Line 858 changes from:

    elseif (is_domain_valid($sr)) $sg_tag->items[] = "domain $sr";


    elseif (is_domain_valid($sr)) $sg_tag->items[] = "srcdomain $sr";

    I don't know if this breaks "whole domain" ACLs, but it works for what we need.

    I hope others will find this useful!

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