Vlans, multiple switches, pfsense… I'm so confused...

  • I need help on how to finish this set up.  I have the following:

    DSL–->PFSense --> Switch (S1) ---> Switch (S2) ---> WAP

    I have several computers, Xboxs, etc. hooked up to S1 (10/100/1000) - everything here is on the LAN

    The WAP and network cameras are hooked up to S2 (10/100) because it has PoE

    The WAP is a Netgear WG302 and it supports VLANs.  I want this to have 2 VLANs, one that will be for my LAN, and one that I can leave open for the public to just be able to get online (no LAN access at all).

    I having trouble figuring out how to set up PFSense for this.  When I enable the VLANs in PFSense I can get the wireless clients to connect, but they can't browse online or on the network.  I'm also confused about if I need to bridge the VLAN with my LAN adapter?  Do I need to create firewall rules to get this to work as I want?  And how do I configure DHCP so that it will assign ips to all of the wireless clients (for both public & private)?

    Thanks for any help.

  • You need to create vlans on pfsense in interface menu and then add this vlans in interface menu like virtual interfaces (+ button)
    Than you can setup IP for this virtual interfaces, create rules for each vlan and set dhcp server.
    But your S1 and S2 need to support VLans or Vlan tagging…

  • I had a similar problem when I was setting up PFSense.  The way I was finally able to get it to work was to reset the box to default settings.  I had tinkered so much I was not sure what had been changed anymore.  Also when hooked up to live hosts real computers and networks the interfaces will allow you to get through.  For some reason setting up pfs in a live environment not a test environment worked for me.

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