Priority Queue Problem - BattleField 3

  • Hello all,

    New to pfSense and have a query regarding the Traffic Shaping, I have used the Wizard and as a result I have the following queues on the WAN interface:


    I have added my own layer7 entry to tag LiveforSpeed traffic to the Games queue, I'm afraid that's about as advanced as I managed to get.

    I have noticed that Battlefield3 traffic is getting queued as VoIP traffic, presumably I need to add rules for BF3 to get it tagged correctly and into the games queue.
    Does anyone have any info on how to find out what i'd need to set if i get a wireshark trace of bf3 running?
    Is there a guide anywhere on how to set up firewall/traffic shaping/Layer7 for custom user traffic, where to look in wireshark captures for example.

    Any advice would be appreciated

  • I'm having a problem categorising BF3 traffic using HFSC, i've created a floating rule for every port BF3 is "supposed" to use and queued them all to qGames but it still all ends up in the default queue.

    The following is a copy+paste from Origin's website:

    If you are playing on PC, please enable the following online ports on your connection:
    TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127
    UDP: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300

    Assumedly the TCP ports are all for the web browser based server stuff and connection with the UDP ports being use for game traffic (i'm eyeing up 3659 personally) but I created queue rules for every port above and can't get anything flowing in the qGames queue.

    Will be keeping an eye on this incase anyone else has managed to get it working…

  • Have either of you had any luck resolving this? I'm having a similar issue.

    EDIT: So I've been playing with this, and made some changes based on the built in Battlefield 2 ports.
    I have assigned the TCP ports first, and now get some action in the qGames queue when the game is loading. But, when the game starts all traffic goes back to qDefault. The Battlefield 2 ports mention that they have to be in a specific order for them to work, but they don't really say what order that is.

    I also have a question on why in the default Battlefield 2 settings is port UDP 27900 used twice; is this a typo or how did you know to put in both locations?

    EDIT 2: Well, after playing with wireshark today. I removed all "Rules" and now only have UDP 25200 and UDP 3656 as the last 2 Rules for BF3. This has seemed to have fixed it for me.

  • I'm trying the same without success. None of the BF3 traffic goes in the qGames. I even added just the udp ports with no success.

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