Need Help with multi WAN traffic routing

  • I've completely set-up up my pfSense box with Lusca Cache with these hardware specs.

    Processor:    AMD Sempron 3000+ ( from my old rig )
    HDD:          Seagate 500GB 16mb sATA
    RAM:          2GB DDR2 800
    LAN:            On board LAN ( for LAN DCHP Server )
    NIC:            2 NIC Cards
                      - WAN DCHP (default )
                      - OPT1 DCHP ( dedidicated for Online Games )

    It is now running fine and caching is working as it should. The only problem is that I am confused on how to separate the traffic of internet surfing from my OPT1 which is dedicated for online games.
    I've have created already a Gateway group for WAN & OPT1 (TIER1) for the reason of switching traffic from WAN to OPT1 and vice versa. Am I right with this?

    I'm not good when it comes to advanced networking like this, I spent 2 nights without sleep thinking about how to separate internet browsing from my OPT1 dedicated for online games.

    Need help guys with firewall rules on how to separate traffic from LAN to WAN & OPT1.
    Thank you so much!

  • Rebel Alliance

    Use "Policy Routing"

    If you want to "load balance" your outbound traffic, then you must use Gateway Group, but if you want your general web traffic go trough WAN and the Games traffic go trough OPT1, then the Gateway Goup is Not needed, just use Policy Routing.

  • Thanks for making it clear… Will try find it out which ruling suite best.  ;)

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