HUAWEI E352s-5

  • Hello all,

    how can i bring the 3G Stick Huawei E352s-5 up and working?

    I see in the log the message that is is recognized as mass storage device, the modem is not present.

    E352 is reported as working, is there a difference to E352s-5 ?

    Can anyone help?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Some devices like that require an "eject" command to work properly. If you search around on this forum for 3g eject, you'll find a few different methods.

  • Nothing of this things (eject) work for the E352s-5

    What else can i do do bring up this modem?

    Has anyone a hint for me, what to do?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Have a look at the Linux utility mode-switch to see if this modem is supported there yet and which command is required to switch it between mass-storage and modem mode.
    Unfortunately the FreeBSD equivalent utility, u3g, does not support as many devices and the version in pfSense is from FreeBSD 8.1 which is now quite old.

    It's likely that to get this card working you would have to:
    Find the correct mode switch command.
    Add the details to u3g.
    Recompile u3g against FreeBSD 8.1.
    Upload your new module to pfSense.

    It may be easier to just get a modem that is already supported!  ::)


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