Routing traffic to go to pass through a server in a different location

  • Hi, I'm a bit new to using pfsense but i have heard so much positive things about it so i decided to try it out for an experiment. I am currently in the philippines as of the moment for vacation and decided to stay longer. And what I want to achieve is to make my traffic from here appear as if I am coming from my home in china so that i can connect to some clients of mine through remote connection, web portals and messaging clients. I need to achieve this because my clients only allowed my IP from my home. I have 2 internet providers with 2 public IPs each back in china connected to an ESXi server. I used this for testing and I just set it up bare before I left incase I would like to do something while i was away. just like now :)

    so, i currently tried setting up a pfsense server here on a whitebox esxi and i set 2 network interfaces on this. WAN and LAN. So far I can get regular internet from the LAN side. What do I need to setup and do so I could make my traffic from the LAN here (philippines) appear like i'm from my home in china?

    I'm thinking it will be something like I'll install a linux distro on the china side and make it run like a router but limit the incoming connection from my philippines ip? I'm a real newbie at this so I really appologize.

    I hope you gurus could help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

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