Internet connection broken

  • Hope I'm posting this in the right place.

    I'm having trouble connecting to the internet from work today.  I've restarted pfSense, I've also reassigned the WAN and LAN NIC.  From what I can tell everything looks okay except for a few little hitches that I've noticed.  I'm not sure what else to look at, hoping someone can set me in the right direction.  One thing I have noticed is that each time I restart the firewall I have to ssh into the thing and restart the webConfigurator in order to access the webGUI.

    Another problem I'm having now started after running an upgrade from the console.  Since then I constantly get the message that says "Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background" blah blah blah.  The message has been there for some time.  When I run top from the console the system looks idle.

    From the LAN side at work I cannot ping anything, nothing going out the internet appears to work.  If I SSH into the firewall I can ping and everything appears good.  For some reason there appears to be no communication between the WAN and LAN side.  I have VPN setup between work and home, which comes up and is working fine.  What I've been able to do in order to get out to the internet is set my workstation to use the proxy on my pfSense box at home.

    Nothing had been changed on the firewall prior to this problem.  Came into the shop this morning and the problem was present.  Only thing I've done so far in changing config is run the upgrade from the console, and reassigned the NICs.

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