Using Pfsense as a proxy server for netflix

  • I wanted to use my remote PF sense box as a proxy so my a few of my cdn users can access US netflix, I am using PFsense with squid and squidguard on my remote US location but can I also use it as a proxy currently I'm running cc proxy on a win server to achieve this but would rather not load software on this server, prefer to do it at the firewall.


  • To clarify, are you saying you want your Canadian customers to be able to tunnel through your pfsense box to be able to access US netflix? If so then it should just be a matter of setting them up as vpn clients, assuming your pfsense is positioned to receive the desired content.

    If on the other hand by 'proxy' you mean 'caching proxy', and by 'cdn' you meant "content distribution network', then last I heard you can't do this with netflix unless you happen to have dedicated incoming bandwidth to the tune of 80+ mbps for the sole purpose of adding new content to your cache.

  • Sorry I did not make this clear enough,  I suppose you are correct I can setup my cdn (Canadian) users to vpn into my US Pfsense box, currently I installed ccproxy on a windows server on the US side but I prefer not to run apps on the server can I use the proxy on the pfsense to accomplish the same task without a VPN?

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