Bug in gateways when Disable Gateway Monitoring is checked

  • I have three WANs, WAN1, WAN2, WAN3. WAN1 and WAN2 are configured as Tier 1 and WAN3 as Tier 2 for load balancing. The issue is when I checked Disable Gateway Monitoring for WAN3, i see the route-to for all load balancing groups are populated with only the WAN3. It seems like the Tier settings are ignored or completely broken because all that exist is WAN3 after I check that option.

    Hopefully this won't be hard to reproduce. I'm on 2.0 release BTW.

  • That may actually be desirable behavior, if a gateway isn't up it's not used. If it's not monitored, it's not up. The opposite behavior is probably desirable in some cases though, if it's not monitored, it's always up. Some people would complain about that too if that were the case though.

    Simple work around - just monitor your gateways. When it is down you don't want it in your pool.

  • cmb,

    I think there may be some mis understanding but when this gateway is selected as tier 2 and i don't want it monitored (always up), it should not replace all other gateways in the pool and be the only gateway in that pool. That is a bug for sure. At most, this gateway should be chosen when all Tier 1 gateways are down. Thanks.

  • If it's always on, why do not monitor it?

  • This is actually a work around because it is a wireless connection And it has a weak connection for now and when the link goes down and up all the time, I will get Trap 12 crashes because the backtrace tells me that packetfilter is processing a non existent packet and I deduced it is because of the link going up and down. I never get trap 12 if it is always up.

    Anyways, the bug is about broken functionality.

  • Just checked in a fix in the tree for upcoming 2.0.1

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