PfSense/BSD not recognizing Atheros wireless card

  • I was experimenting with a fresh pfSense box (2.0-RELEASE) and decided to throw a Wireless NIC in it, a TP-LINK TL-WN350GD.  Problem is, it's not showing up in the list of interfaces and this is all I get when booting:

    kernel: pci1: <network, ethernet=""> at device 7.0 (no driver attached)</network,>

    It's an Atheros AR5007G, so I'd expect it to show up as ath0 but no dice.  The card works fine in a windows box, and other cards work fine in the slots in this machine.  I know that system log line is the card because the device# changes (consistently) when I move it between slots.  The card's been mentioned in the forums before, and it looks like one fellow got it to work or at least show up as an interface with 2.0 (… either that or he was running into the same problems with 2.0-RELEASE as I am...

    Anyone know what I'm running into here?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It may just not be supported with the ath driver we shipped with 2.0. It may have to wait for 2.1.

  • After digging a little further, the FreeBSD 8.2 man pages on ath() mention the AR5005VL specifically as not supported, so it's possible the AR5007G would similarly be unsupported assuming the chipset number indicates it's a derivative.  As far as I can tell, AR5007G support is through a separate driver in Linux, so it could very well be the case.  Just in case anyone else has this same thought/problem ;)

    It was just a card I had lying around and (incorrectly) assumed would work.  No big deal.  Thanks for the response :)

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