IPSec IP-Pool, DNS & WINS - push

  • Hi !

    I would like to modify the IPSec-package a bit for new features I need at work: (and when it's ready, there will be a patch for all)
    The client shall automatically get DNS and WINS assigned… and an IP would really be nice, too :-)

    I added some hardcoded text (just to test if it works) to vpn.inc to insert the following code avove sainfo anonymous in racoon.conf:

    mode_cfg {
    	pool_size 20;

    I already tried to change a few things, but all the time I get the following error in IPSec-Log:

    "racoon not configured with –enable-hybrid"

    Do I really need to use X.509 for pushing options !?

    Does anyone know how to resolve this ?