Netgate alix 2d13

  • OK,

    Dumb/simple question hopefully…

    So, I purchased a netgate firewall. I connected it on my local network and was able to connect to it on but then I changed the interfaces and can't connect to it at all again. So i'm wondering how I get a console on this thing. It has a "console" port but I'm not familiar with that...I was thinking I could hook it up to a monitor but then realized it's a male connection. How do I get this thing on a monitor? Also, there is a little reset button on the front of the firewall. will that reset it to the state it was at when netgate shipped it?

    Any help is much appreciated thanks.

  • The Alix uses a serial console. You'll need to hook up a null-modem cable and use your choice of terminal emulator software (what you can chose depends on the client OS).

  • So should I buy a serial cable to usb? And it seems most are male to usb but the alix board's serial connector are also male. Or do I need an rs232 to db9? Sorry, still a bit confused.

  • You need whatever works for you ;)

    If your other computer doesn't have a serial port you'll need a USB-Serial adapter. Note that DB9 is one of the defined RS-232 interfaces, the other common one being DB25. You'll then need a null-modem cable that connects the 2 correctly.

  • OK, I think I get it :) I appreciate your insights. Cheers!

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