Dhcp single lan with multiple subnets

  • Hi - not sure if this can be done or not-

    I have a  WAN and a LAN

    the LAN has two subnets 192.168.2.X/24  and 192.168.3.X/24
    (using this doc  http://doc.pfsense.org/multiple-subnets-one-interface-pfsense.pdf)  I would like to have  dhcp server on the 3.X. but
    the dhcp server page only as the 192.168.2.X scope listed(LAN). i also want to use the captive portal only on the three side(dhcp).

    Then I was looking into vlans - not sure if that's the right direction.


  • You'll need to use proper layer 2 segregation, so VLANs or a separate interface and switch. No way around that if you want to use CP on one network and not the other, and run DHCP normally for both too (it's not possible to run two normal DHCP servers on the same subnet, no way to tell which subnet to assign IPs from).

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