Multi WAN VPN with Load Balancing ?

  • I have the following scenario and I wonder if I can materialize it with pfsense.

    I have two sites and and each one of them has 3 adsl lines. I want to install one pfsense to each site to create 3 vpn tunnels (adsl to adsl) (ipsec or openvpn) and then apply load balancing to those three tunnels so the two sites that will have as gateway the lan interface of pfsense (192.168.x.254) will perform faster.

    So, generally my question is: Can I have Load Balancing over VPN Tunnels?


    ADSL 1  <vpn>  ADSL1
    LAN –> PFSENSE --->  <lb>  ADSL 2  <vpn>  ADSL2  <lb>  <--PFSENSE<--LAN
                                            ADSL 3  <vpn>  ADSL3</vpn></lb></vpn></lb></vpn>

  • As far as I know this can be done. But only with OpenVPN as VPN solution and you need a routing protocol like OSPF (additional pfsense package).
    Then you have to install OSPF between the VPN tunnels so LoadBalancing is working. Perhaps you can search the forum for VPN and OSPF. I am not sure at all but if I remember correct there is the one or other thread covering this topic.

  • I tried all the combinations of the following posts but no success  ???,24436.msg126273.html;topic=39328.0

    I have 2 openvpn tunnels. I have gateway group. But the traffic goes to one of them and not balanced  ???

    Is there anyone who managed this to tell me the recipe? I worked on this scenario about 10 hours but I didn't manage to succeed the desired result.

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