Snort - how to create a netlist/whitelist?

  • I have a friendly IP that keeps being blocked by snort. I understand that this can be whitelisted by a whitelist or netlist.
    However, when you go into the whitelist/netlist menu, you are confronted with "Be very careful. It is easy to get locked out"
    That I want to avoid so:

    1. If you create a custom whitelist or netlist (other than the default), does it automatically include the local IP's, VPN's & WAN as default?
    2. Is it better to use a netlist seeing as you can use CIDR's and just use /32 in that netlist for a single IP if needed?


  • Just make sure you check off the options that you want added to the whitelist or netlist under "Add auto generated ips"

    From my experience:
    I use whitelist for friendly IPs and check off every auto generated ip option, then I use netlist to add any subnet that pfSense doesn't know about and check off every auto generated ip option(My cable modem's internal subnet range, vpn subnets that pfsense dont know about because of custom routes i have)

    hope this helps

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