Port Spanning Howto

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    I'm hoping someone could help me answer some questions regarding setting up port spanning in pfsense 2.0. My plan is to monitor traffic going to and from the DMZ if possible.

    <pfsense>- DMZ (opt1)

    I noticed that there is an option that exists under interface - assign - bridges - add (advanced). However, when I attempt to set it up, it tells me that I need at least two interfaces in the bridge and the port set as the span interface cannot be part of the bridge.

    For this to work, do I need to add three NICs? Bridge Opt1(DMZ) with Opt2(DMZ) and then have opt3 for my span interface. This seems a little overkill and a cheep hub might be a better solution.

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  • Solution to my problem is here. http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=38911.0 However, I am unable to setup the bridge via the GUI. Anyone have the proper steps or can point me to a link that shows the process.


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