Bypass proxy pfsense 2.0

  • How can I bypass proxy on pfsense 2.0, becuae  manager group do not want use proxy.

  • What about removing the proxy ?
    (btw: what proxy are you talking about ?)

  • i think they dont want to be bothered by filling in the proxy field in the browser, in this case use transparent proxy they will not notice it.

  • sorry for my bad english, I want to create group manager direct to internet, because my manager do not want proxy server, for pfsense I installation for filter clients use authentication user, but for manager they no need put user and password when they open browser, bypass proxy is mean bypass squid on pfsense  :D

  • If you do not use squid in transparent mode, try this:

    • Fix dhcp answer to managers Mac address

    • create a firewall->rule that allow these ips to any destination

  • Assign static IPs to the managers clients by DHCP.
    Then create an Host alias containing the managers IPs
    Then put this alias in squid config in "Bypassing squid for these source addresses"

  • Thank you all, for Captive portal server I can allowed IP for Manager group, It worked.

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