PPPoe with static subnet

  • A pfSense-newbee question. What is the best way to setup a

    • PPPoe with statis Public subnet.

    • 4-lines MLPPP with a Public subnet.

    I searched the forum to no avail.


  • Hi Ragai:

    Im going to be facing this very thing soon and will watch this thread closely…

    If you connect to your ISP do you get an address handed to your box via dhcp?

  • Hi chpalmer,
      I believe so. Both are ADSL/PPPoe.

    • The first connection is the usual PPPoe. Currently I have 2 routers to do this setup. The first router has 2 network cards and authenticates and gets the first IP in the subnet and the DNS IPs. My subnet is /29. From to 6 hosts. The "WAN" card gets the IP. I set up "LAN" to ( - And connected it to be my "WAN" switch. And set up the remaining servers to Their gateway is I know that this setup is not quit orthodox but I did that to not loose another IP acting as the gateway for the rest of the servers. The second router is to route between one of the Public IPs and my Local LAN.

    • The second is 2-line MLPPP. Currently I have a linksys router running "Tomato". It authenticates and gets the IP and the DNS IPs. It gets the IP which completely outside my WAN subnet which is - (16 hosts). LAN card is setup to Tomato has to be in "Router" mode for this setup to work.


  • pfSense will do mlppp no problem…  I believe it will do 6 lines...

    Once you get your connection, use VIP's to do your static IP's...

    how many lines are actually part of the mlppp connection?

  • The first connection is a single-line MLPPP
    The second connection is 2-lines MLPPP
    There a third connection that uses 4-lines MLPPP but I did not want to try to set it up before I familiar myself with pfSense first.
    I'll set up two connections tomorrow. A regular PPPoe & 3G USB modem in fail-over mode and another one that uses single-line MLPPP & cable in fail-over mode using CFs
    L'll report my success  ;) as soon as I am done.

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