Save all logs in the hard disk, is it possible?

  • Hello:

    First of all, congratulations for Pfsense developers!! It's a great tool ;-)

    I use to administrate FW1 on IPSO-Nokia Plataforms, PIX/ASA and Fortigate in my work, and now we are using PFsense because is very powefull and is open source.

    I would like to know, if it is possible to save all logs in the hard disk, and not deleting when the firewall is reboot or logs are cleared. I have seen that logs can be send to a remote syslog, but I prefer to save them in the PFsense machine. Is it possible?
    BTW, could be the logs send to the local syslog by the IP?

    Thanks in advance, and congratulations.

    Best regards, Angel.

  • Setup a remote syslog server then tell pfSense to send the logs to the other server.

    Currently there are no other methods of saving the logs locally but we will be addressing this soon.