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    Sorry for the newb question…... How can I find out what is using all of my harddrive space in pfSense? I uninstalled squid etc, but I dunno what do do from there. Im sure I need to delete some of squid's tracks left behind. I think this is the reason why my memory usage is at 80% capacity. I dont have the best machine for a firewall, its a dell dimension 2400 stock with 2 Ethernet cards. I hate to ask what to type to view the logs and all, but im kinda new to this. I am eager to learn and I am learning alot thanks to you guys.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



  • Memory usage would be RAM usage, not disk. You can check disk usage at Diag>Command with "df -h". RAM is a little more complicated, best place is running "top" at a command prompt via SSH or console. If you paste the output here, one of us can help you decipher that. How much RAM do you have?

  • squid is caching files on harddisk and on RAM. If squid filled up your RAM and you uninstalled squid then - as far as I know - squid is NOT cleaning your RAM. So it would make sense to reboot the machine.

    It would be interesting to kn ow if you are talking about RAM or harddisk.
    Further it would help us if you post your system specs (RAM).

    If you need assistance with squid configuration we need more information about the squid configuration (harddisk cache size, Memory cahce size, minimum/maximum object sizes).
    Often people which are using squid the first time are using to high values in squid cache management and overlorad their system.

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