Use of SSD for install

  • I'm trying to sort out the best way to install PFSense 2.0 to SSDs - they seem to fall in a hole between USB/CF and hard drives! I've found this thread: which ends by suggesting use of the standard install, since PFSense doesn't write much to the drive.
    I did an install from the memstick image, which installs the 'regular' hard disc version. I also ran up one of the embedded images, which doesn't appear to have any install options.
    So, the questions:
    1. If installing to an SSD, should I use the regular or the embedded version?
    2. If the regular version is OK, are there any tweaks advised?
    3. If the embedded version is recommended, what's the best way to install it to the SSD? (I tried an image writer tool, which copied OK, but didn't boot)

    I'm new to PFSense and BSD, but have used IPCop for some years, and played with Linux a bit.

  • You can do either an embedded or full install on an SSD without any issues as pfSense, by itself, doesn't write very much.  If you are planning on using squid then make sure that you have an SLC SSD.

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