Multi-Wan load balancing - split 60%/40%

  • Is there a way to load balance the traffic 60% on one WAN, then 40% on the other? I did a beta on a few VM's but I never saw an option to change the weight of each connection. The way I am reading the guide is that if I setup the group, with the two WAN connections on tier 1, then it would be like splitting them 50/50. Or have I completely missed something?

  • If both lines are on the same Tier ( Tier 1 for example) then there is 50-50 LoadBalancing.

    If you go to "SYSTEM -> Routing -> Gateways" and edit you gateway then there is an option "Weight".

    With this you can adjust it from 50-50 to for 60-40 if you are using weight3 on GW with 60% and weight2 on GW with 40%.

    LoadBalancing is RoundRobin, so if there are 10 connectiongs six will go over the one GW and 4 over the other GW.

  • Awesome, Exactly want I needed. Thanks buddy!

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