Add new interface

  • Is there a way to add a new interface to the trafficshaper without running the wizard?

    I recently gitsynced to 2.1 dev, to try some ipv6 tunneling, and ofc ended up getting a "new" interface named OPT1.. After fiddling a great deal (atleast imo) to get things running so-so, im a bit reluctant to clear every rule just to run the wizard with 2 WAN setup. Is there a simple way to create a OPT1 interface for the queue so i can make rules for ipv6 traffic?

    Atm, it seems to me that ipv6 traffic is ending up in the default queues. Ofc, the machine only has 2 physical interfaces, so im not sure if its even a point in doing that, and if i should make rules for something else perhaps? I tried making some rules for ipv6 traffic on the floating queue for OPT1 interface, but will that work as it should when i only have 2 (WAN and LAN) under the traffic shaper itself?


  • Well, since i have no patience i did not wait for an answer to that, and cleared everything then reran the wizard.

    The OPT1 interface is not a "real" interface, and will not be allowed it seems. I could only choose 1 WAN interface in the wizard.

    So, my next question would be: How do i shape any traffic <-> OPT1 interface (my IPV6 traffic)?


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