• I know there is the vendor list, but I was wondering what pfSense devices can pfSense be embedded in? What kind of hardware does it need to work right? And has anyone embedded this into a Linksys router or wireless router?

  • Linksys routers won't work for several reasons: CPU type unsupported, RAM not enough , Flash for FW image too small.

    Other than that you need an x86 CPU with 128 MB RAM and a cf-card to boot from (though the image could be written to hdd as well I guess but then you would prefer having a full install anyway). As the embeddeds have to be configured from the serial console you need a com1 port as well. Additionally at least 2 nics that are supported by freebsd will do.

  • I see. OK. I knew one type of wireless router could use and embedded link so i was wondering if pfSense would work with it. I know you have the vendor page, but does anyone know of any place that will sell good, cheap embeddable systems for pfSense?

  • As far as I know a PC-Engines WRAP is the cheapest device, however they are end of life and will not be available anymore soon. Soekris is probably next. I also heard of someone using the x86 Routerboards successfully. Both are using the same CPUs like the WRAPs and as these are no longer produced they will meet a similiar fate sooner or later. You also should check your needs for throughput, encryption for VPN, … before making a decision what to buy or you may end up with something not being fast enough for your requirements.

  • Are there instructions to installing on embedded devices somewhere?

  • Is version 1.0 RC1a the newest version?

  • No, the documentation is outdated. Use 1.2RC2.