Block Team viewer using pfsense

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  • This should fall under Systems Administration rather than Network administration.  The users should not be allowed to install unauthorized software to begin with.

    It also seems like Teamviewer uses a middle-man server to negotiate (and bypass NAT/ firewall settings) so you'll need a form of blocking via the domain name (squidguard and/ or squid or DNS cache poisoning).

  • IF you want to avoid Team Viewer using by LAN user for bantwith problem.You can block 5938 (TCP) for outgoing traffic.

    Which ports does TeamViewer use?
    By default TeamViewer uses only the outgoing port 80 (HTTP) - no firewall configuration is necessary. Alternatively you can open port 5938 (TCP) for outgoing connections.

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    create an alias "TeamViewer" an block all TeamViewer Servers (IPs).

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  • Yes this is more effective solution if you know what Teamviewer servers IPs.

  • If you're using the DNS forwarder, you can just create a domain override for to a non-existent DNS server, and that will effectively block Teamviewer (as long as you block access to any other DNS servers).

  • I get this working using static route with a bad gateway


  • @mikesamo:

    I get this working using static route with a bad gateway


    Don't do that, just block those networks via a firewall rule.