TL-WN781N PCIE wireless card

  • I bought the above mentioned card (I know it's N and that freebsd 8.1 doesn't support it but there were threads claiming that people manage to get it running in g mode).

    Anyway the card is recognised by pfsense 2.0 without any problems (ath0). I can assign interface and pick options (obviously only b and g). It even starts in AP mode. Problem is that in AP mode signal is interrupted or chopped if you prefer. So when devices try to connect they don't see the network long enough to connect.

    So question is, does anyone have any ideas on what to try to get this working (since the card is cheap I figure that others might be interested too).

    I'm novice at freebsd but not at computers so I'm reasonably sure I can follow instructions if anyone has any idea on what to try.

    PS: I'll try connecting with it to my laptop acting as AP to see if that mode works better.

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