Failover doubts

  • Hi all,
    I'm running 1.2.3 with 2 wans and loadbalancing/failover configured as described in The failower is working, but I've got a few doubts:

    • when I unplug a cable of one of the WAN to test the failover, I can see that the machine is using the other wan, but the default gateway is not changed, so for instance I cannot trceroute any host from the console if I've unplugged the default wan cable

    • sometimes the squid proxy does not see the failover, and I have to manually restart it to resume web browsing. Anyone has experience similar to this?

    • do I have to use explicitly the load balancing gateway in all my firewall rules if I want to have also failover between the two wans? This is related to the first doubt, since it seems to me that the default gateway is not changed due to a failover….


  • The default gateway of the firewall does not change in 1.2.3, so traffic originating from the firewall itself will fail when the WAN is down. You do need to specify a LB gateway on matching LAN rules for them to failover. 2.0 can be configured to switch the default gateway, and has improved routing and LB capabilities. I would recommend reading up on load balancing in 2.0 and switching to that version.

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