• I installed pfSense 2.0 with Dual WAN (DSL & 3G HUAWEI E1691 USB data stick).
    It worked fine for about 10 hours. Then The 3G interface started to show some lost packets then became disabled (in the dashboard) no matter what I tired to do. Any idea what would have caused that or how to force it enabled again?
    The DSL interface is working fine and the LAN can access the internet without a problem.

  • +-+-+  Update  +-+-+

    Removing the 3G USB modem and inserting it again, rebooting pfsense, Turning pfSense OFF/ON, … did NOT resolve this issue

    Here is what worked for me (at least for now)
    Under INTERFACES | (ASSIGN) | PPPs | SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS I changed the following

    • Set SIM PIN wait to "3"

    • Put a check mark in Uptime Logging

    • Put a check mark in Dial On Demand


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