Squid on pfsense stable or not

  • Hi All,

    I want to discuss about my case.

    I have a network with 6 VLANs, 2 WANs connection and Pfsense 2.0 Release everything working very good.
    Last week i try to installed Squid package and test transparent proxy on 1 VLAN everything seem ok after 2 days so i decide deploy to all VLAN, after 3 days working well i met trouble is some VLAN can working well but some other VLAN not working well, they can't use http service. So i must uninstall Squid package and restart Pfsense at that time all network return to working normaly. I try to find but not yet get the answer.

    So any idead for this trouble?


    I check the xml file and saw allowed_subnets tab like this and wonder maybe it was encrypted? or some thing wrong with characters?


    one more thing is some time i check the system log and get squid can not create cache so i must run squid -z manual to create squid cache.

    Any body help?

    Thanks alot.

  • I am using squid on a machine with 1 WAN and 7 VLAN. I have enabled squid listening on all VLANs in transparent mode.
    The problem with the squid cache I had one or two times in the past.

    Perhaps yopu should delete the squid entries in the config xml file and reinstall squid then. perhaps there was something wrong in the configuration.

    Ah, I am talking about squid 2.x

  • Thanks for reply,

    Now i try to disable listen on VLANs and change to allow by subnets and hoping no more error about this problem

  • I dont know why but i found my trouble relate with DNS, My clients can not resolved domain name therefore i change to other DNS.

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