Transparent bridge for shaping with only WAN and LAN?

  • Hi, I'm looking for a way to do the following with the 2.0 Release:

    *Transparent bridge setup with only one LAN and one WAN interface
    *Access to pfSense web interface on specified IP
    *All traffic should pass both ways without any blocking etc.
    *Shaping of specified traffic based on L7 (SIP and RTP/RTCP) and queues

    The setup will be:

    ISP Router/firewall <–--> pfSense BRIGDE WAN-side/pfSense BRIDGE LAN-side <----> LAN Switch

    How can I achieve this? I have read several threads about bridge setup, but none that covers all the steps.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I have a similar pfsense box with the features you ask. Please see my post.,42927.0.html

    Hope this helps.

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