Solved: Assigning VIP addresses to SBC/ATT PPPOE connections

  • Given:

    • You have a PPPOE connection from ATT or SBC, and want to assign all your IP's to the firewall.
    • You have a block of /29 say, you will see the IP that they give you is a.b.c.6/32 with a gateway that is not in that subnet.
    • Their router is routing your /29 block to you. They forgot to tell you network details, or your forgot.
    • You need to assign a VIP of type alias to one of your free usable IP numbers.

    You need to know what your block is and what your usable IP numbers are. You can find out by either asking ATT or just ping your firewall and check for blocked ICMP to the guess address. Assume you find that a.b.c.2 is one of your free usable IP numbers.

    Once you figure that out, go to:

    • Virtual_IPs -> click on new -> click IP_alias
    • Now enter the IP number (a.b.c.2) you found out earlier. It will automatically have /32.

    To test, go to NAT and setup a port forward rule using that VIP as the interface.

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