How to use external gateway as Pfsense WAN?

  • I have "Tomato WRT54G" router that gets its internet wirelessly by connecting to another router.
    Everything is on the same subnet, so i can do the following:

    Desktop > Tomato WRT54G(desktop's gateway) > Wireless AP with Internet
    Works beautifully.

    but how can I channel this internet through PF by using Tomato is PFs WAN?

  • if Tomate WLAN-AP is doing bridging - and I think thats the fact - than you enter the IP of the router to which you AP is connected as the gateway of pfsense.

  • tomato

    internet router
    router assigns to tomato wireless client

    pfsense LAN

    on the desktop i do:
    dns "opendns"
    and voila

    same thing doesn work on pfsense:
    i tried
    WAN IP:
    no go

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