Traffic shaper Wizard problems (traffic_shaper_wizard_multi_lan.xml)

  • I created a Traffic shaper using the traffic_shaper_wizard_multi_lan.xml
    for 1 LAN  HFSC, 1 WAN HSFC, Penalty box and Raise or lower applications.

    The LAN is bridge0 made with 2 interfaces

    save it, it look fine.

    I ran the wizard again and stubble on a issue with the Penalty Box I set earlier, by clicking on any Next buttons  I get

    You need to specify a value for bandwidth!

    The Address and Bandwidth field are cleared!!! The is no way to change value.
    I had to Uncheck and check the Enable: box to be able to enter the correct value

    then when I arrive at Raise or lower other Applications

    and just do Next, the Floating rules for Applications are not created.  ???
    Entering the wizard again shows Defaut priority everywhere.

    Instead of clicking  Next, if you Uncheck and check Enable: box, the setting are preserved and the Floating rules are created.

    However the is nothing showing in the RRD Graph LAN:: Queues !

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