Snort, pfBlocker, and/or pfSense minor issue

  • I don't know if this is a Snort package issue, a pfBlocker issue, or a bigger pfSense issue so I'm just going to start a new thread with it, hope thats ok..

    I just installed both Snort and pfBlocker and if I click on Snort on the pfSense menu, then click on pfBlocker, I get a 404 - Not Found error.  If I click on Snort, then anything else before pfBlocker, everything loads fine.  Its only after I click on on Snort, then pfBlocker.

    pfSense 2.0-Relase
    pfBlocker 1.0
    Snort 2.9.1 pkg v. 2.0

  • It's just a menu minor issue.

    when you go to snort, the url path changes to /packages/snort

    when you click other menu, it sill be in /packages/snort path

    just remove it form url and page will load.

  • Its a package issue you need to fix on pfBlocker.

  • I currently and running pfSense 2.0 RC1 with County Block. Next week I'm going to upgrade to the latest version of pfSense 2.0 and saw these posts.

    It appears most of you are programming gurus, which I am not. So I do have a few stupid questions.

    County Block works great and is a no-brainier to use. Can you tell me if pfBlocker blocks countries and is as easy to set up as Country Block? Do you have any instructions on how to use pfBlocker?

    Sorry for the dumb questions. :D

  • It's easy to block countries as well.

    see screenshots on first post of this topic.

    Basically, choose countries you want to block and action (generally block inbound).

  • Hey Marcelloc - thanks for the quick response.

    I made another post when I couldn't find this one. Sorry, I'm not trying to spam.

    I found this thread when it was fairly new about 3-4 weeks ago and I didn't see those pics! Now I feel real dumb.

    I'm not a rich guy, but would like to donate a few $ for the cause. Where do I go?


  • If you like this package, please donate to pfSense project.

    If you want that your donation goes to these package developers, make a note on donation forwarding it to us(marcelloc and tommyboy).


  • Okay, I made a small donation to pfSense and asked for the following…

    50% to pfSense developers
    25% to you (marcelloc)
    25% to tommyboy

    Again, things are very slow for me and I don't have a lot of money. But I know people all will take and not many give back. At least you and tommyboy can go out and each get a 6-pack of beer.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • :DThanks. I hope you like this package.

  • I am still having the same issue with when you click on the snort menu and then try to go to pfblocker, I will get the 404 page cannot be found error. Also, not sure if this is somehow related, but I uninstalled country block and started using just the pfblocker, but for some reason country block still shows up under the firewall tab. I get a 404 error if I click it. I though well, maybe I can reinstall it and then uninstall to see if that would correct it. When I look for the country block package to install it is not availible like it thinks it is already installed but yet it is not.

    I have SSH into my system to see if I could find anything linking back to country block and I cannot?

    Any ideas on that?


  • you can try to remove countryblock entries from config.xml.

    Edit it with care, save and reboot.

    tommyboy is testing a legacy package fro countryblock and ipblocklist to solve these issues.

  • I have already done that to the config.xml file. Any other ideas?

  • you need a reboot after file edit. did you did that?

  • @darklogic:

    I am still having the same issue with when you click on the snort menu and then try to go to pfblocker, I will get the 404 page cannot be found error.

    It's fixed now with no version bump, just reinstall package.

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