IPSec tunnel instability

  • Hello,

    I am running 2.0 RC3 (hope to upgrade soon), and I am finding that my IPSec tunnels to various devices (Linksys RV042, Cisco PIX, Watchguard Firebox, etc.) will tend to go down on their own unless I am sending traffic constantly through the tunnel with OpenNMS.

    I recently made a change to allow UDP 4500 on the firewall as well as UDP 500.  Will this help my stability problems or do I need to make some other change?  I do configure the Phase 2 monitoring IP address, but this does not seem to keep the tunnel stable without traffic going through it originating from my end.



  • IPsec connections don't stay up unless you're sending traffic across them. Though that generally doesn't matter, as soon as something tries to send something across they'll come up within 1-2 seconds. As long as the local subnet includes one of the IPs assigned to the firewall, the ping host will keep it up.

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