Static Route, Policy based Routing, or Something else?

  • We are going to deploy pfsense as in the diagram below. The .2 is our new private subnet with its own internet access. Most of it makes sense to me except for the OPT1 interface. We are pretty much trying to access the network and a website hosted on from the .2 subnet. We can't change anything on the 57 network, but you can assume Routers A and B are already configured such that all hosts including (the OPT1 IP) can access the website on

    I assume I should be treating the 57 network like a second WAN. How do I configure pfsense to make sure traffic from the .2 subnet destined for the 57 network and the website are routed correctly? Static route, policy based routing, nothing at all? I have been reading so much about networking lately that its all mushing around in my head. I am a noob here, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • No ideas? I guess in general, how does traffic from the LAN know which WAN to take in a multi-WAN situation?

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