Double WAN - PPPoE bridge + static IP

  • Hello,
    Please help me with load balancing …
    Is it possible to use a DSL router in a bridge mode as the WAN interface and normal NIC (static IP + gateway IP) as connection OPT1 ??
    The problem about my DSL modem is that it has a very small NAT table itself and using emule or broowsing game servers just "takes him down" - that is why I don't want to use a router mode in the DSL router...
    All information I found tell to set router as "router" ...
    I managed to use that DSL (bridge) as WAN and that NIC connection as WAN, but how to make them work together to sum up the bandwidth??

    Best regards!!

  • Try this solution until PPPoE for Multiwan gets fixed:,3554.msg25298.html#msg25298

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