NanoBSD question

  • I currently have a pfsense box running the nanobsd image booting off a CF card due to some hardware constrains.  I also have a hard drive in this same box that I would like to use to storage.  I.E. snort data, graphs or what ever else.  Due to the hardware constraints I can only boot off a 4 Gigabyte CF card. What interest would anyone else have to pool cash for a bounty?  The bounty would pay for development or addition of a feature for the nanobsd image, to boot off a cf card but use a hard drive or what ever storage device for additional storage. That way you don't full up the CF card and have your pfsense box die.  This would also be nice for log file archiving etc on your pfsense box.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can do this already. There's actually some documentation about it somewhere.
    Though it's not a supported configuration so some work may be needed in order to have it survive an update. And it would be nice to be able to set it up from the GUI.


    Edit: Here is something:

  • Yeah I'm more or less wanting something that is done via the web interface or the ssh shell to do it for me.  Then keep that config going forward with out having to redo it every firmware upgrade.

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