Siproxd sip port limitation ??

  • I have two setups Im trying to use siproxd on.

    My home connection is pfSense 2.0r with my voip service using sip port 5060. Siproxd works here…

    My office connection is a mirror of my home on the lan side... But my voip service uses port 5078 there. Siproxd does not show the connection.

    Home is cable, office is DSL.

    Anyone else able to make siproxd work on another port besides 5060?  The port is the only difference between sites..  Same company, same model ATA, same (provider) sip server... Different numbers...

  • If you have only one server that goes to sip provider, you do not need sipproxy, just configure sip nat option on your sip server.

  • Due to the way my provider is doing things they want us to port forward 5060-5080 and 16000-32000 to the ATA…

    Im not so willing to do this.

    Siproxd makes the incoming calls work here so seems like a good solution if I want to keep this provider...  (Voipo)

    Ive asked them to reprovision my office ATA to use 5060 also and will report back.

    But just curious if others had problems with using a non standard port...

  • For anyone else with trouble using siproxd…

    Verify with your provider what sip ports they are using.

    Your mainly interested in which port you connect to their server on.

    I could not connect using 5078 or 5079 (my providers default) Changing it on the siproxd dashboard did not work even though the logs showed bournd to the ports.

    Once they switched me to 5060 it works like a charm! Im finally getting all my incoming calls. In fact I had my 2 lines tied together through the phone conference button through the RTP proxy and the audio quality was great.

  • This is pretty much confirmed!

    My ISP had me pointing at 5078 on their server…

    Siproxd would show bound to port 5078 on the logs, so I don't believe this to be any issue with pfSense at all.

    My ATA would not connect through Siproxd.

    Once my Voip provider switched me to point at 5060 on their server things started working as they should.

    It should not matter what port they connect to the ata on...

    If your having trouble getting siproxd to work for you, work with your provider to have your ata point at "their server:5060" ...   and see if that doesn't fix it.

    If your ISP is blocking port 5060, call them and bitch!

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